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Optic Ready Handgun optics allow shooters to extend the ranges at which they can shoot with precision and speed. Optics, whether on pistols or rifles, eliminate the problem of trying to simultaneously focus on three things at different distances, i.e. the target, the front sight and the rear sight

The 5 Best Optics-Ready Handguns – See to Believe
  • CZ P10 C Optics-Ready. The CZ P10 C is an optics-ready option that is also one of the best compact pistols on the market. …
  • Glock 40 MOS. Glock’s method of naming pistols always amuses me. …
  • SIG P365 XL. …
  • Hellcat RDP.
  • S&W Model 327 TR8.
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Optic Ready

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he Latin meaning for Omni is “all” and the STI DVC Omni Optics Ready Pistol is no exception. The STI DVC Omni Optics Ready Pistol encompasses our 2011® technology as well as added features most appealing to all shooters. Its Island Comp Barrel creates the fastest shooting, lowest recoiling, flattest pistol we have ever made. A H.O.S.T. Optic Cut allows for endless slide mounted optics choices and comes with all plates needed to run the optic of your choice. Not only is the slide Shorter, 4.15”, but it has our signature DVC lightening cuts- less mass in motion means less recoil to your hands.

FN 509 Tactical – An Optics-Ready 9mm Pistol


Evolution happens fast in the gun industry. Take for instance the speed of development of the FN 509. In little over three years, the gun has transitioned from its origins in the U.S. Military’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) solicitation, to a market-entry gun in 2017, to the new FN 509 Tactical.

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