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In the context of firearms, subcompact refers to a handgun (almost always a semi-automatic pistol) that is smaller than a compact, itself smaller than a duty or full-size pistol. … The subcompact Glock 26 is 6.42” long, 4.17” tall, 1.30” wide, features a 3.43” barrel, and is fitted with a 10-round magazine.

A sub-compact to many people is considered a pocket gun or a backup weapon. Personally, I like the sub-compact size for CCW because they are lighter and easier to carry anywhere. Sub-compact barrels are typically around 3.25 inches, though some are a little longer, some shorter.

  • Steyr S9A1. Source. The Steyr S9A1 comes equipped with a wonderful out-of-the-box trigger and unique sighting system from Australia. …
  • H&K P30SK. Source. …
  • S&W M&P 9C. Source. …
  • HK P9S. Source. …
  • Sig Sauer P938. Source. …
  • Sphinx SDP Subcompact. Source. …
  • Ruger LC-9. Wikimedia.

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Glock 28


Like the GLOCK 25, the GLOCK 28 in .380 is also blowback operated. Small in dimensions and weight, it is great in performance when carried concealed. Because of the low-recoil firing characteristic of the .380 cartridge, it can be easily and accurately controlled. The standard magazine capacity of this balanced pistol of 10 rounds can be increased to 19 rounds when using optional magazines.

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