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Gemtech Lunar 9


Gemtech’s offers their quietest, most versatile 9mm silencer to date with the debut of their Lunar 9. It’s big brother, the Lunar 45 set the tone on how the Lunar 9 was designed. Due to the success of the 45-caliber version, the genesis of the Lunar 9 was formed and scaled down from its sibling. Reported to have out of this world sound reduction, the Lunar 9 offer two configuration options of a quiet 7 inches or a compact 4.7 inches. With a fast and easy disassembly, this the Lunar 9 makes cleaning a breeze.

Dead Air Sandman-S


The Sandman-S is the shorter version suppressor in Dead Air’s notorious Sandman 7.62mm silencer line. This suppressor is 6.8 inches long and 17.7 ounces, providing shooters a compact and maneuverable addition to their host firearm, with impressive performance on 300BLK, 5.56, and 7.62. The Sandman-S, shorter than its Sandman-L sibling, features the same stainless steel and stellite construction with a fully welded baffle stack to maintain its optimized durability.

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