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Designed for rimfire rifles and pistols, .22 caliber and smaller (including .22 Hornet).

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Product Description

Designed for rimfire rifles and pistols, .22 caliber and smaller (including .22 Hornet), the Banish 22 has eight STifle™ baffles, which thanks to Link Together Connection™ make them easy to assemble, while keeping lead debris and carbon from fusing the baffles together and preventing this buildup from reaching the tube. (Components won’t get fused in place.) BANISH 22 suppressor is ideal for varmint shooting, small game hunting or target practice.

Note: .22 Long rifle projectiles are not jacketed. As a result, lead can build up, along with carbon produced by the burning of the powder. Over time without cleaning, it’s possible for a .22 suppressor to completely fill with lead and carbon, rendering it ineffective for sound suppression. Also, adding considerable weight.

Most .22 suppressors disassemble for cleaning and require this cleaning every 100 – 200 rounds to avoid having the baffles fuse together. Worse yet, if the lead and carbon gets around the baffles, building on the inside of the tube, prevents disassembly altogether, since the baffles would not be able to slide out past the buildup.

The BANISH 22 mounts on conventional 1/2 x 28 (Class 3A) threads .400″ in length.

Product Specifications

Length: 5-3/8″
Diameter: 1″
Number of Baffles: 8
Weight: 4.1 oz
Material: Titanium
Thread Pitch: 1/2×28
Self-Service: Yes
Caliber: 22
Caliber Range: .17 HMR – 5.7×28
Color: Black
Finish: Gun Kote
Mount Style: Conventional 1/2 x 28 (Class 3A) threads .400″ in length.
Full-Auto Rated: Full-Auto Rated
Lifetime Warranty: Yes
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. Fun for target practice, and the noise will not disturb the neighbors I had a friend that wanted to see it when we were in a parking lot before you knew it, I had 4 guys and 4 ladies gathered around, and one of them ordered one for himself. Highly recommended for those stay at home days that we are having.Good service.Great fun to shoot Everybody likes the realistic action.I've had this gun for two months now It's been running GREAT.The product is firmly packed.This gun is so real , you will think it should be Outlawed !It feals like the real one & is quite heavy . When you shoot it in full auto it will amaze you how fast you run out of ammoVery fast delivery.Very well worth the money.Where do I even start??? This Gun is awesome! Fully functional blowback feature. Functional ejection port cover, function charging handle, really sturdy magazines and it’s just all around fun to shoot and is bad ass on full auto!

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